We help entrepreneurs & small business owners improve their processes, organization and systems so they can spend more time on the work that matters.

But what does that actually mean?

WE WORK WITH Small Teams:

  • Whose products or services are starting to diminish in quality because of a lack of time → we help you determine where your team could be working more efficiently and then implement those changes

  • Who have leaders that feel like the most important things are still in their head → we help you formalize and codify your most important processes

  • Who spend too much time putting out fires → we perform an indepth audit and then help you batch, delegate or automate the most time consuming things

  • Who know they could be taking on more clients → we help you identify weaknesses in your processes and simplify them for you


Does this sound like your Business?



  • Who feel like they can be operating more efficiently but don’t know what’s out there → we introduce and help you utilize the best tools and systems for getting the most done in the time you have

  • Who feel like what they do every day is disconnected → we help you define your larger goals then break them down into practical everyday steps

  • Who feel like everything is still in their head → we simplify and automate your most important business processes

  • Who feel overwhelmed because their inbox has become their to-do list → we help you implement better workflows to help you actually achieve your goals

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About the Founder

My name is Marle and I’ve spent years supporting innovators.

I’ve found that the secret to balance is creating systems and workflows that help you focus on the high-value parts of your business.

I like to call myself an Operations Strategist because I help clients work on the operations of their business and the operations of their life. It all started with a colleague who asked me to join their start-up consultancy. What was originally supposed to be a temporary project turned into a 3-year engagement. I was so energized by helping them create simple processes that helped them retain clients and manage their business.

This is when Scope Smart was born.

From there, I started working as a small business consultant, helping founders and launching 5 new small businesses each year.

I live in the sweet little city of Richmond, VA with my partner. My favorite part of my city is enjoying great Thai food & quality craft chocolate!


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Our promise is that by implementing the right systems, you and your team will gain back hours of time. In doing so, you’ll be able to focus on the more important aspects of your business.